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Having to pick between live music and a Dj?

More often than not, you are forced to choose between having live entertainment or a DJ due to the space restrictions of your venue, leaving you to miss out on the awesome opportunity of having both.


If you are fortunate enough to have the space, booking both a DJ and Band separately can still have its downfalls. Whether that’s down to the large area of space they both take up, the unaesthetic visuals of having two sets of speakers or not having a main focus point for your entertainment and dance floor. Having witnessing these issue first hand, we decided to come up with the ultimate solution for you!

Why stress hiring two different entertainment services when we can provide it all! 

For music before and after our sets we have got 3 options for you to choose from. 

We have three options for you to chose from:

Option 1 - iPad Playlist Service

Pick your favourite songs, put them in a playlist and send it to us! We will play this through our PA System.


Option 2 - DJ Service

Live editing of your playlist with a professional DJ! Our host will take on demand song requests while ensuring your playlist runs smoothly to keep your guests dancing and singing throughout the night.

Option 3 -DJ Service With Karaoke

 This is the Dj service with a twist. You and your guest can choose to sing your requested songs! The Dj will do all the work, grab a microphone, place your eyes upon our lyric box and sing your heart out.



We Even Have Two Paths You Can Choose From!

Let the Dj use his expertise and knowledge to read the crowd and find the right songs for everyone!

Make a playlist, send it to us and listen to the professional Dj live edit your songs for non-stop music.

Both of these include on demand song requests for you and your guests so there's no need to worry about not hearing your favourite songs! Will full access to every song, no request is impossible.

With our portable DJ booth on wheels, you can have everything centre stage. 




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